Friends of the Town of Bedford Cemeteries

We are an organization with the mission to support the preservation and maintenance of the four historic cemeteries in The Town of Bedford, NH by promoting public awareness and by fund raising activities.

Historical cemeteries are open air museums that reflect a community and its heritage. Important for studying the past, they tell the story of a locale and its people, highlighting a community’s achievements and cultural values.

The four historical cemeteries in Bedford:

- Reflect our past and the people who built Bedford

- Reveal a strong community spirit and serve as a source of community pride

- Emphasize the beauty of Bedford with protected and serene open landscapes

- Preserve our cultural history with artifacts reflective of the times in which they were created

- Protect the memories of loved ones and offer a respectful and serene final resting place

We Need Your Help

Over time, gravestones show wear from environmental damage. Hard water, dirt, mold (lichen,) and human mishandling will contribute to the deterioration of stones. Careful maintenance, including proper cleaning and careful repair will aid gravestone longevity. Your recognition of the value of these cultural resources will help ensure that they are properly respected. Mindful care of the artifacts and the landscape will enable us to preserve the historical value of these unique objects.

How you can help.


- Visit your community’s cultural sites

- Do not rub or otherwise disturb stones

- Volunteer your time

-Join the Friends of Town of Bedford Cemeteries

Our History is in Danger !

We work to preserve, maintain and repair the Town of Bedford’s many historic grave markers. Someone once said “Don’t go looking for trouble”, .. But that’s exactly what we do. And it doesn’t take long to find it. When we do we try do the best we can set things right. But its not an easy job. The results, however can be very gratifying.

Our volunteers spend a day cleaning some of the older and dirtier gravestones. Depending on the original stone and overall condition some respond better than others, but in most cases the efforts are repaid .

Many stones have been damaged or overturned with the passage of time. Our members contributions assist in paying for the srevices of professionals who have the equipment and the knowledge to repair and reset these stones.

Upcoming Events

We sponsor a number of events that allow the community to become more familar with the cemeteries and the stories of the earlier members of our community.

In addition, there is an annual grave stone cleaning session that helps keep the grave stones in better condition by removing dirt, lichen and other materials whose actions detoriate the condition and legbility of the old grave stones.

Veteran's Day Event

Mark Those Calendars for November 12!

This Veteran’s Day, we’re teaming with the Bedford Historical Society’s annual program to honor Bedford’s veterans, including Joseph Cady who was killed in battle during the Civil War. For 155 years, no memorial or marker mentioned Corporal Cady or his sacrifice for our nation.

Last year, FBC’s Jon Hill contacted the Veterans’ Administration and arranged for a long overdue headstone (cenotaph) for Corporal Cady beside his parents at Joppa Hill Cemetery.

The program begins at 10AM at the Bedford Presbyterian Church and, in addition to disbursing the memorial quilts, FBC’s Jon Hill will provide a short talk on his efforts to ensure that every Civil War soldier from Bedford is properly honored with a VA provided headstone. Come join us!




Newsletters contain interesting facts about the Bedford, NH cemeteries as well as information on upcoming events and work shops.

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Board of Directors


Julie Schappals,President

Bob MacPhearson, VP

Melinde Lutz Byrne, Secretary

Bill Duschatko, Treasurer

John Wood, President Emeritus


Don Byrne

Ralph Dieter

Bill Duschatko

Rick Harris

Lori Radke

Denise Rotier

Mike Sills

Robert Kruger

Jon Hill

Membership Information

We would like you to join us. The Friends of the Town of Bedford Cemeteries is an approved 501(c)(3) Charitable organization and all memberships are tax deductible. Individual and family memberships are available.

Become a member today!

" Bedford Men in the Civil War "

The book, Bedford Men In the Civil War is available for sale at the Town Offices for $20 each.

Proceeds go to Friends of Town of Bedford Cemeteries and The Civil War Preservation Trust.

This book contains the biography of every Bedford man who served (or was exempted from service), as well as a listing of every New Hampshire Regiment,their engagements and the role Bedford men played in each battle.

Please contact us for further information.

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